The toilet is the No. 1 phone-killer

What is the number one reason people lose smart-phone contacts? From dropping their phone in the toilet – this has happened to about 1 in 5 people! Did you know that IDrive makes an incredible free app that can help you recover your contacts lickity-split if your precious device should have an unfortunate, watery mishap?

According to the June 2011 study by Plaxo and MarketTools only about 25% of smart-phone owners backup their contacts to a cloud-based service and we’re willing to bet contact information is important to 100% of us. As Spencer Spanner over at Know Your Mobile said, “this is another of those essential little apps that makes you wonder why Apple never built it into the iPhone’s firmware.”


IDrive Lite will backup from and restore to any iOS, Android or Blackberry device; this makes IDrive Lite the ultimate tool for migrating your contacts to a new phone. Backups are also versioned, meaning you can go back and retrieve old data that may have been over-written or deleted on accident. Manage your contacts and import Facebook information by logging into the account via a web browser at

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