IDrive Tips & Tricks: “Rapid Serve” USB Hard-Drive Restore

What does an IDrive user do when their computer crashes, they have a lot of data to restore and not a lot of time to do it in?

They order an IDrive Portable Rapid Serve and get their data hand-delivered just a few days later on a 320GB USB-powered IDrive Portable hard drive – no muss, no fuss – here’s how it works:

1. Fill out the IDrive Portable Rapid Serve order form. The cost of the IDrive Portable is $69.95 plus tax while the Rapid Serve service is free. US shipping is free, international is $20. The drive is yours to keep – use the included IDrive Portable software to backup your files locally as well!

2. Our Rapid Serve team will then immediately begin restoring your data directly from the data-center onto an IDrive Portable. Once complete they will USPS Priority ship the drive to your location.

3. Once the IDrive Portable Rapid Serve arrives simply plug the drive into any computer and you’ll find your data on board. That’s it!

“Rapid Serve” makes sense for small businesses

If your office machine crashes you are now in “Disaster Recovery” mode – if you have an intelligent and automatic backup service like IDrive running you’re OK though! Many businesses have hundreds and hundreds of GBs of data these days however and restoring them over the Internet could simple take way too long! For example, 100GBs downloaded through a standard 1.5Mbps DSL line would take over 150 hours (almost a full week!) provided no one else used the connection during that time.

By using a Rapid Serve restore our small business customers can get their data restored in full, quickly.

How long would it take to download 100GBs over your Internet connection? Thanks iBeast!

You always have 24-hour access

Remember, by protecting your digital life with IDrive you are also giving yourself access to your files from anywhere in the world via any standard web browser at or any of our free mobile apps – so if while you’re waiting for your Rapid Serve IDrive Portable to arrive you need some files you can get them easily.

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