Turn Your PC or Mac Into A Light-Weight, Touchscreen Tablet for Only $1.99

RemoteVU is one of the most incredible apps available for iOS – it came from the minds behind IDrive and RemotePC – with it you’ll be able turn your big, bulky Windows or Mac computer into a light-weight, touchscreen tablet. Video, music, games, Flash, DVDs; anything your computer can do, now iPad or iPhone/iPod touch can do it too.


The app is $1.99 for iPad or 99¢ for iPhone/iPod touch. There is also a free version available that limits use to 10 minutes so you can try it before you buy it! Download the small accompanying host application to your PC or Mac here. You can install the RemoteVU host on all the computers you own so anywhere you go you can quickly open the RemoteVU app on your iOS devices and get uncompromising access to your files and applications.

Here’s a few things RemoteVU makes possible from iOS that couldn’t be done otherwise:

• Enjoy your DVD collection without having to rip the discs to your hard drive and then sync it to your device; see all the sub-titles – use the menues and special features – it’s amazing!
• Access your Microsoft Outlook or Office applications and finally be able to really work from iPad.
• Watch your favorite episode of  The Simpsons on Hulu.com: Try it!
• Enjoy full-featured Flash content, one of our favorites: http://lab.mathieu-badimon.com

Has RemoteVU made it possible for you to do something on your iPad that you couldn’t before? Let us know by sending a message to publicrelations@idrive.com and don’t forget to join our social network, we’re on Facebook and Twitter!