IDrive offers the best price/performance Online Backup service!

IDrive is possibly the fastest online backup service. It is not an empty statement. We have done many internal tests, and there have been some third party studies (although only a few) that clearly shows IDrive’s advantages in performance.

How do we do it?

For starters, we do not impose artificial bandwidth limits. Whatever your network allows and whatever the connectivity from your point to our data center allows. Second, we have several optimizations, our secret sauce that extends from the client application all the way up to the way we store data that makes our product faster and more efficient than most others.

We offer the best combination of price and performance. Run a test backup of 100GB of data and compare performance of IDrive vs leading competitors. We guarantee that IDrive will beat all. We throw this challenge to every reviewer from PC Magazine to PC World to the new media including gigaoms and techcrunches, and we offer this industry leading performance at a price of $4.95/month for 150GB!

It is not just performance and price. IDrive excels in functionality as well. Most of these unlimited services do not archive your data. If you remove your data from your desktop, it will vanish from your online backup account in a few days, typically 30 or 60. With IDrive, you control your data. It is NOT deleted until you remove it or you configure a sync.

IDrive now offers Web Based backup management. You can manage multiple computer backups (if your account supports it) from anywhere. You can modify your backup-set, or your schedule, or your notification options for all your computers from a remote location.

IDrive offers the best restore performance as well, via a desktop client or directly from a browser with a java plugin.

It is a no-brainer that if you are considering adding online backup to your data protection plan for you as a consumer or a small business, IDrive is a great choice.