Calling all Developers – IDrive EVS – Encrypted and Versioned Cloud Storage

IDrive EVS is a new Cloud Storage System with Encryption on Storage, Versioning and Block level incremental transfers built-in for a highly efficient, secure and comes with easy to use APIs/Utilities.

While it competes with S3, EVS is more of a specialized cloud storage as outlined above that S3 can not provide.

Who can use this?

Anyone who wants to develop a custom online backup, sync, sharing or transfer application for almost any platform including mobile devices can use IDrive EVS.

For example, let us say you have a Scanner or a Medical Imaging device, and you want to push these highly confidential scanned documents immediately to the cloud for backup, you could write a custom app using IDrive EVS.

We already have some demo applications listed on the site, for multiple platforms. Some of these include real time Quickbooks backup application for Macs , Pcs and a photo backup application for the iPhone.

Initial 5GB of storage is free. We will shortly announce pricing plans for tiered storage and bandwidth.

So developers, join, embrace and develop!