IDriveSync – A new Sync and Share kid on the block!


We have made a Beta release of IDriveSync,  a new Sync and Share solution based on the IDrive Online Backup technology. We believe this is a great product with great functionalities at a great price.

First the basics. Its primary function is to Sync and Share. It can sync the data you define on your PC across multiple PCs faster than most competing services, especially when you try to sync large folders and files.  You would just need to install the application on multiple PCs and login. To Share, you can just right click on any file or folder and enter the EMail address of the person you wish to share it with. You can Sync up to 5 PCs and Share up to 10 email addresses.

Second the security. Data is encrypted on storage and during transmission. If you choose, you can even have a private encryption key.

Third the pricing. We have the best pricing in the Sync/Share world. 2 GB free, and only $4.95 a month for Unlimited Storage!

We believe we have created a simple, easy to use , affordable and secure Sync and Share solution for Windows PCs.

We expect to add capabilities to Sync and Share Macs and Linux devices as well in union with Windows.

We use our own back-end technology and do not use third party systems. We manage our own infrastructure and we have experience in managing multiple petabytes of storage for our IBackup and IDrive services. There is plenty of experience and expertise behind this; and since we control most aspects of this technology, we can offer a better integrated Sync and Share experience that is faster, secure and cheaper compared to most.

Give it a spin and let us know your feedback.

Raghu Kulkarni, CEO

Pro Softnet Corp