Apple will be BIGGER than Microsoft in 2 years ?

Apple posted BIG numbers today. A show case of brilliant idea, design and execution in this internet era.

There are many articles highlighting this including this and this.

Let us take a quick look at Apple’s Market Cap.  At its current after market price of $202.83, it is valued at some 180 Billion. If you look at its revenue growth rate and valuation growth rate over last few years, it easily outshines Microsoft, and even Google. It shows no sign of slowing down and has another major possible hit, a Tablet in the pipeline due possibly early next year.  It dominates the smartphone market field that is expected to be the epicenter of growth for the next decade.

It is an easy guess for anyone that Apple will overshadow Microsoft in valuation at least in near future, possibly next 2 years.

A thought that was unthinkable about a decade ago.