What’s the Perfect Backup Strategy?

When it comes to Backup, it’s always best to have dual approach… backup all your important files locally, and then backup your most critical files online where you’ll have access to them from anywhere. Then, as time permits, you can backup the rest of your important files online, which does take some time… based on your bandwidth, number of GBs being backed up, etc.

This dual approach has been widely adopted and praised by companies and consumers world-wide. In this recent article from Accounting Web: “10 steps to the CPA’s perfect backup plan”, this approach was highly recommended. The main reason being… in the event of a disastrous data loss where restoration of all your files is absolutely imperative, you can restore your filesimmediately from your local backup vs. having to slowly restore them online, based on those same limitations of bandwidth, number of GBs being restored, etc.

For this reason, we are proud to introduce the IDrive Portable; the thinnest and lightest USB-powered portable hard drive ever in its class.

In addition to a great sleek and stylish form factor, IDrive Portable offers a software element that allows for a one-click backup of all your important files (like ‘Documents’, ‘Pictures’, ‘Videos’, ‘Music’, etc.). In addition, it provides an option to easily integrate with IDrive Online Backup using the same data-set (assuming you choose the defaults), but of course the data-sets and schedules are customizable. Other great features include multiple PC backup, 320 GB of storage, open/locked file backup, and more. For details, please see the “IDrive Portable Features” on our website.

Written by,

Robert Haines
Business Development Manager – IDrive