Financial Turmoils and Online Backup

You might wonder what is the link between Financial Turmoils facing Wall Street today and Online Backup?

There is, and it has to do with the general feel to ‘protect’. Protect the wealth one has, protect the tangible valuables one has and , protect the digital assets. We were expecting signups and traffic to decrease in relation to the financial tremors, but on the contrary, we are seeing an uptick, and this is why. People have a natural tendency to protect what they have including digital assets, and one of the best ways to do it is using online backup. It is becoming easier to use, faster, more secure, and more affordable.

IDrive is leading the way here with enterprise features packed into a consumer and small business application. You will not find an online backup solution for $4.95/Month that offers true archiving, web based backup management, fast search and restore.

If you are looking for an integrated online backup, storage, sharing and a hot sites based disaster recovery solution, then IBackup is a better fit. It provides options to create a full copy of the primary location data at the secondary location with minimal lag, that is scalable, affordable and can easily be automated, for small to medium sized businesses.

Raghu Kulkarni