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  • Get to Know Our Portable Storage Drives: Which Is Best for Your Backup?

    idrive wifi

    IDrive Portable, IDrive Express, and IDrive Wi-Fi.

    IDrive has made three portable storage drives, each with its own unique function. So which drive is right for you? Well, it depends on your backup needs. Here’s the lowdown on these nifty devices, from the IDrive team-members who use them.

    IDrive Portable

    Our first drive was known as IDrive Portable, a 320 GB drive that came in sleek nautical blue. Our Product Specialist James remembers the device fondly: “I like the idea of carrying your important files in your pocket for whenever you need them, so I used IDrive Portable nearly every day. ” IDrive Portable is no longer available, but its legacy was carried on into IDrive’s next innovation, IDrive Wi-Fi, a drive which would bring users unprecedented storage and portability.

    IDrive Wi-Fi

    IDrive Portable, a USB device, evolved into IDrive Wi-Fi to give users the speed of local backups with the convenience of wi-fi. Allen’s preference for this drive is due in part to the lightning speed wireless backups making his job easier, but also because he can’t stand tangled cables.

    “You don’t understand how many wires I’ve had to untangle in my day,” he says. “IDrive Wi-Fi holds up to 2 TB of data–ample storage for my work–and I don’t have to keep plugging it in to perform backups and restores.”

    The portable IDrive Wi-Fi drive comes in handy for those like Allen who work on-the-go, need to backup or restore fast, and who just can’t stand untangling things.

    IDrive Express

    So what if you need to backup tons of your data? How can you do so without clogging up your bandwidth and waiting days, even weeks for your backup to finish? Our answer to these questions was IDrive Express, the favored IDrive storage device of our Business Development Manager, Shane Bingham.

    “The Express drive came in handy when my mother wanted to backup all of her computers and devices, and a lot of this data was precious stuff like my childhood photos,” says Shane. “It would have taken her weeks to back everything up. But I had her order an IDrive Express drive instead. IDrive sent her a 3 TB hard drive, which she uploaded her data onto. She mailed the drive back to us and we backed everything up for her so she didn’t have to worry about it. It’s a great service that our users have really come to appreciate.”

    IDrive Express backs up large amounts of data within 7 business days, freeing up your time and bandwidth for other things.

    So which of our drives is right for you?

  • Backup Before You Make the Move to iPhone 6s, iPad Pro



    iPhone 6s was officially announced today, along with souped up versions of the iPad and iPad Mini. Chances are you’re itching to get your hands on one, but remember that moving to a new device can be tricky. Transferring all your apps, contacts, SMS messages, and images is risky business, since it can all disappear in a poof if your device crashes. That’s why IDrive offers award-winning online backup for iOS devices, including the latest iPhones and iPads.

    IDrive users can easily transfer their data from phone to cloud to new phone, as well as restore all their files from the cloud if the migration process goes haywire.

    Our iOS backup app includes a variety of helpful features, including:

    • Backup and Restore contacts, photos, videos and calendars with a single tap.
    • Easily sync files between all linked devices.
    • Link your devices to a single account and access your data from anywhere.
    • Instagram and Facebook Backup
    • Selectively backup and restore files.
    • Share files and folders over a single, secure link.
    • Automatic upload option protects your photos and videos as soon as they are taken via wifi or cellular data.
    • Gallery View allows you to easily slide through all your pictures and videos.

    IDrive not only ensures the safety of your data when you move to a new device. We also protect your files from threats like theft and viruses. Any data backed up with IDrive is secured with 256-bit AES encryption, and an optional private key for an added layer of protection. That means your photos, videos, and other data will be safe from prying eyes.

    If you’re ready to order your new iPhone 6s, remember to backup with IDrive. You can backup all of your devices–from iOS to Android, PC to Mac–into a single account for one affordable price today.


  • It’s Disaster Preparedness Month. Protect your Data with IDrive


    Hurricanes, tornadoes, solar flares, oh my. What do all these have in common? Each year they’re the cause of data loss that can cripple any business and destroy personal property. But many of us are unaware of the, ahem, disastrous effects that forces of nature can have not just on our data, but our lives. Did you know, for example, that 70% of businesses that experience data loss go under within a year? This Disaster Preparedness month, we’re offering tips on how to keep your business running and digital possessions secure no matter what nature throws at you.

    Take a look at some of the natural disasters that commonly threaten people’s data security:

    • Tornado/Hurricane
    • Flood/Electrical Storm
    • Earthquake/Fire
    • Solar Flare

    That’s not to mention man-made disasters such as:

    • Viruses
    • Theft
    • Destruction of property
    • Liquid spills

    Threats such as these can be just as devastating to our digital lives as they are to the physical property we own. If the device on which you keep your data is destroyed, your data goes with it. But if you backup your data to the cloud, it will remain safe from natural disasters and easily accessible on any of your devices.

    Here are a few ways IDrive can keep you afloat during data disasters:

    • Universal Backup: IDrive users can backup all of their data from any smartphone, tablet, or computer into a single IDrive account, and restore any data right from the cloud. This ensures business continuity, as well as personal peace of mind knowing all of your precious family photos and other important files are safe no matter what happens to your devices. IDrive is compatible with the Android, iOS, Mac, PC, and Linux platforms.
    • Security and Privacy: Any data backed up using IDrive is automatically secured with military grade 256-bit AES encryption. IDrive users also have the special option of choosing a private key that only they know, so no one, not even IDrive, can unlock their data. With IDrive, your data is safe from deliberate threats such as theft and viruses in addition to natural disasters.
    • Automated Backups: Data is constantly being accrued on your devices, and it can be a challenge remembering to backup your new files. That’s why IDrive lets you schedule your backups, so new and updated data is backed up as soon as possible. You’ll be secure without having to manually back up your new data before disaster strikes.
    • Mobile Backup: The average household owns at least 5 devices, including smartphones and tablets. IDrive offers award-winning mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing users to backup and restore their cell phone data from anywhere. If disaster strikes, chances are someone in your family or office will lose their phone or tablet. With IDrive, you can restore any data to a new device in the disaster recovery process.

    This Disaster Preparedness month, secure your data with IDrive.

  • IDrive Races Toward A Solar-Powered Future at the 2015 Formula Sun Grand Prix


    IDrive shifted into high gear last month, sponsoring and supporting UC Berkeley’s CalSol racing team at one of the biggest solar-powered races on the planet, the 2015 Formula Sun Grand Prix.

    CalSol’s car, the bullet-like Zephyr, zipped around on the scorching hot Circuit of the Americas, where some of the world’s most heated races take place. This rollercoaster of a track, spread out on 1,500 hilly acres just outside downtown Austin, Texas, posed a challenge for our driver–or shall we say IDriver–who whirred through 20 winding turns and an intimidating 133-foot hill. Zephyr managed to place 7th after completing an impressive 110 laps on the power of the blazing Texas sunshine.


    There’s nothing like the smell of burning rubber in the morning. But it’s more than the thrill of the race driving us to invest in solar-powered technology. We think solar is the energy of the future.

    It’s just a matter of time before solar becomes widely available to the average consumer. Just take solar transportation, for instance. The first ever family-sized solar car hit the road back in 2014, traveling up to 500 miles on a single charge. (Compare that to the 2015 Tesla Model S, which runs for about 208 – 270 miles battery only). One day solar cars might be the norm, saving us money on fuel, and ensuring that zero emissions vehicles become the standard. And that’s just one aspect of our daily lives that solar power can improve.


    CalSol is pushing toward that brighter future with a team comprised of some of UC Berkeley’s most industrious students. They use engineering, project management, and business development skills to innovate fully solar-powered technology. Thanks to teams like CalSol, solar will one day be a powerful alternative energy source, fueling our future. We’re behind them all the way. In fact, we’ll be back to sponsor CalSol at the 2016 FSGP.

  • Why You Need To Backup Before Upgrading to Windows 10


    You’ve probably heard that Microsoft launched Windows 10 this week at absolutely no cost to users upgrading from Windows 7 or 8. Since this uncharacteristic freebie is likely to draw a lot of people into trying out Microsoft’s latest OS adventure, and given the lukewarm response that the public had to Windows 8’s attempt to merge their OS into a one-size-fits-all experience, we wanted to remind everyone to backup their important data before they make the move to Windows 10.

    Software updates are one of life’s simple pleasures, but they can also go haywire, crashing your system with blue screens of death, black screens, and infinite reboot loops, not to mention the risk of a crash after installation. (Windows 10 had a crash-bug just days before its launch). That’s why it’s smart to backup your computer beforehand so your data is safe in the cloud if your hard drive suddenly crashes.

    With IDrive, you can backup your videos, photos, and other important data so you can get started installing Windows 10 as quickly and securely as possible.


    Backup Everything Easy

    We know, we know. Backing up your whole computer sounds like a pain. But IDrive makes backups simple with customizable backup sets. You can set up a full backup of your important data in seconds, and once it’s done, upgrade to Windows 10 without the risk of losing your photos, documents, and other files. If a crash does happen, you can easily restore your data from the cloud and be up and running again.


    Download Windows 10 Worry-Free

    Ready to experience Windows 10 with the security of cloud backup? Remove the risks posed by a crash altogether by backing up with IDrive today.