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  • Introducing IDrive Nearline, A More Cost-Effective and Faster Nearline Backup Solution


    The most cost-effective nearline backup service for backup, data archival, and disaster recovery is here. IDrive Nearline allows you to store an unlimited amount of data for only 1 cent per GB/month, and access it anytime in the span of a second. This solution is perfect for keeping infrequently accessed data protected and instantly accessible on a budget.

    Affordable Data Archiving

    Why pay a fee for both backing up and retrieving data? That was our first question when looking at the status quo of data archival. The purpose of data archival is storing data you need to keep on hand, but not necessarily access frequently. You shouldn’t be charged for one-off retrieval. To spare your bottom line, we scrapped retrieval fees altogether, becoming one of the few archiving solutions to do so.

    Instant response times

    While other solutions like Google and Amazon Glacier offer 3 second and 3-5 hour response times, respectively, IDrive Nearline provides immediate access to your data in under a second.

    Backup Data Faster

    Uploading data yourself takes time and bandwidth. While you’re transferring files from your home or office, there’s not much more your computer can do in the interim. That can slow down business operations that are essential to your revenue.

    Rather than subject users to backup purgatory, we created a fastlane with our Express shipping service. The process is simple. We send you an external drive to load your data onto. You ship the drive back to us and we’ll have your files ready to be accessed.

    Nearline Benefits

    • Saves time, power, bandwidth and other data storage costs.

    • All data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption during transit and storage

    • Backup & retrieval client application

    • More affordable when compared to regular backup solutions

    IDrive Nearline is a by-request online backup service, available now.

  • Introducing Smart Docs, the App That Scans Documents, Remembers Renewal Dates


    Remembering to renew your driver’s license can be a chore. Missing the deadline can be a problem. And a busy life can make it easy to forget. Like a secretary in your pocket, our free app IDrive Smart Docs does the remembering for you, scanning docs straight from your mobile device camera to the cloud, automatically setting reminders for their renewal dates, and neatly filing your documents in easily searchable folders.

    Snap a Photo of Your Document. Smart Docs Does The Rest.

    Smart Docs makes keeping tabs on your paperwork as easy as taking a picture by morphing your mobile device’s camera into a smart scanner with Optical Character Recognition. A sleek interface makes capturing your document easy with an auto edge detection feature that works like a cropping tool.


    Simply snap a photo of your social security card, for example, and Smart Docs reads and files every little detail, along with a digital copy you can carry with you on your mobile device. These details, which include dates, numbers, names, are then used to create an editable digital record of the document.


    Once your document is filed, the app will automatically create a reminder to renew it, which you’ll receive a month in advance so you don’t have to worry about getting ticketed or turned away at happy hour.

    All Your Documents in Your Pocket

    Smart Docs not only helps you remember important renewal dates. It gives you mobile access to your documents, eliminating any stress if you don’t have a physical copy on you when you need it. Smart Docs can help you keep track of your most important documents, including:

    • Driver’s licenses
    • Credit cards
    • Passports
    • Health insurance cards

    You can easily file your documents into folders with sub-categories that make finding them fast and simple.

    smartDocs01_6plus (1)

    Out of the chaos of your paperwork, Smart Docs wrangles your documents into order so you can find them with a quick search.

    Cloud Security

    Smart Docs not only keeps a copy of everything on your device, but in the cloud, where you can access it from anywhere. While physical documents may be easy to take out of your wallet when you need them, they don’t come back once they’re lost or destroyed. With Smart Docs, you can restore digital copies of your documents from the cloud if your phone is lost or crashes. And to keep your documents safe from online theft, Smart Docs secures them with military grade 256-bit AES encryption.

    Get Smart 

    Staying on top of all your paperwork should be a relief, not a pain. Download IDrive Smart Docs on your iPhone or iPad today and take care of business the smart way.

  • How Your Non-Profit Can Fit Online Backup into the Budget


    Cloud backup can be costly, especially for non-profit organizations with plenty of devices and a limited IT budget. IDrive’s Online Backup for Non-profits can help.

    There are over 150k non-profits in the US, roughly a third of which make no more than $1,000,000 in revenue each year (National Center for Charitable Statistics). Since the cost of data recovery and downtime can be well over the total revenue of many non-profits, storing data offsite with a cloud backup solution is a necessary measure for avoiding the paralyzing, and potentially terminal cost of data loss. 

    In addition to the high price of losing data, non-profits also have to consider the security of the personal information of their donors and benefactors, and the subsequent cyber liability.

    It’s clear that NPOs shouldn’t go without cloud backup. The question is, how do they fit it into a limited budget?

    IDrive Cares About Your Cause

    We believe NPOs shouldn’t have to risk losing their grant applications, charity event details, donor databases, financial statements, membership lists — in other words, the lifeblood of their organization — to stay on budget.

    To help out, we give non-profits 50% off on IDrive, starting at 1TB for $29.95. Once your organization verifies its non profit status, that 50% savings will continue every year, for the life of the account.

    This offer is open to any non-profit with an IRS Determination Letter, and includes a suite of advanced security features to help you not only protect, but better support your cause.

    One Price for Every Device

    When you’re working for a cause with limited funding, every penny matters. And with a whole network of devices, backup can get pricey if the solution you choose seeks to capitalize on the number of devices you need to backup. In fact, most backup solutions will offer you a basic plan for securing one computer, then charge you an additional fee per every extra smartphone, tablet, computer, or server you backup. This is status quo pricing in the backup industry which prioritizes revenue rather than making the solution accessible to anyone regardless of their budget.

    Our multi-device backup plan suits the non-profit budget with an innovative pricing plan. NPOs need only pay one price to backup every device, from server to smartphone. Every cent you save backing up your organization can be invested into the cause for which you fight.

    Security That Sustains

    US non-profits gather the personal information of millions of Americans. That means they carry the responsibility of keeping this data safe.

    To help keep non-profits safe from cyber liability, all data backed up with IDrive is secured with military grade 256-bit AES encryption. This tough encryption is used in the shielding of confidential documents by the US military, and can help your NPO keep the personal information of its benefactors and donors secure from data breaches.

    Data loss can be caused by a variety of threats, from natural disasters to viruses. But none of them can stop you from recovering your data and picking up operations fast if you’re secured with an online backup solution like IDrive. Is your non-profit in need of backup? Try out our proven solution for 50% off today.

  • What’s New At IDrive?


    It’s been another eventful past few months in the backup world. Here’s the latest news from IDrive…

    Back-to-back Wins of PCMag Award

    Every year PCMag compares the leading backup solutions to find out who’s offering the best cloud backup in the industry. The grading system takes into consideration usability, security, backup speeds, features, and more. For the second year in a row, IDrive won the top spot. To find out why, read Michael Muchmore’s review at PCMag.com.

    IDrive One

    Back in January at CES we announced our latest external storage drive, IDrive One, available soon for IDrive users. This device bolsters your internet connection, using the 802.11ac Wi-Fi protocol to boost your in-house network, serves as a versatile local backup device with its 1 or 2TB storage capacity, and lets you stream media directly to your iOS or Android device from up to 150 feet away. Interested? You can read more here.

    Tax Season Security Tips

    This month we offered tips for filing your taxes securely with cloud backup. Topics include curbing identity theft, recovering tax returns after a crash, and an important reminder for TurboTax users. Today, securely filing your taxes is essential. With IDrive, your tax files are kept private, as they should be.

    VMware Backup

    WMware users can now rely on IDrive for backups of their virtual machines. Cloud backup stores your VMs off site so if disaster strikes on the premises, you can recover your data and get business operations running again. All VMs backed up with IDrive are secured with military grade encryption, and a private key option. For more information on VMware backup, click here.

    That’s all for now, but with a spring full of exciting new announcements on the horizon, there’s plenty in store from IDrive.

  • 3 Tips for Securing Your Tax Files With Cloud Backup


    It’s time again to file your taxes! You may be filing them yourself with a service like TurboTax, or you may go through a tax accountant. Either way you will likely be storing these critical documents on your computers and other devices, which makes keeping track of them convenient, but not necessarily secure. We’re here to help with a few tips about protecting your tax files, and the personal information on them, using IDrive’s cloud backup solution.

    Remember, TurboTax Has Stopped Offering Cloud Backup

    For those who are desktop users of the tax preparation software TurboTax, we’re reminding you to backup your tax returns since the service dropped its cloud backup functionality last year. To fill the security hole, IDrive has the ability to store your tax returns so you can keep your data secure this tax season. With IDrive, you can restore your tax files from the cloud if the computer or device on which they’re stored fails, as well as keep your data secure from online theft.

    Stops Identity Theft In Its Tracks

    Today the same technology that makes tasks like filing a tax return a breeze can leave your critical data vulnerable to online theft. Frauds have found irresistible prey in taxpayers, whose social security numbers and financial information can be scraped from the databases of the tax services they use. And these guys aren’t amateurs. Just last spring, the personal information of 100,000 taxpayers was heisted by what officials believed to be an organized crime syndicate.

    To keep your tax files secure, IDrive shields your data with military grade encryption that will slam the door on the faces of criminals nosing around in your data. For an added layer of protection, you have a Private Key Encryption option that ensures only you have the unique key code that unlocks the encryption protecting your files.

    Recover Tax Files After Any Disaster

    Computers are vulnerable. They can crash. They can be stolen. And as Steve Jobs famously told a customer whose MacBook Pro was destroyed by a spill, “they don’t like water.” The great thing about IDrive’s backup solution is no matter what happens to your computer, you’ll have an extra copy of the data stored safely in the cloud. With IDrive, you can access your tax returns from any device, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, making filing them even more convenient. And did we mention we charge one price for every device, saving you tons of money?

    This tax season, don’t forget to protect your personal information. Sign up for IDrive here to start backing up your critical tax files today!

  • 4 Ways to Capitalize on Cloud Backup in 2016

    Online backup saves you big money by securing your businesses from data loss that cost businesses $1.7 trillion in 2014. But even doing the right thing and protecting your data can still be costly. Needing to make efficient use of tight IT budgets is common, and we want to help you understand how the right cloud backup service can save you even more money.

    Shane Bingham, Business Development Manager at IDrive, runs through four big cost-saving tips for cloud backup in 2016.

    1. Pay one price for every device

    one price to backup every device

    A lot of online backup services charge fees per device. It’s easier for them to market, and sometimes easier for the consumer to understand. But it no longer fits the world we live in. People are using more devices than ever before, and storing more data on them. Data that needs protecting. A service that offers multiple device backup at one low cost will save more money (and protect more data) overall.


    2. Save time and money with upload seeding

    IDrive Express seed upload

    Once you choose a backup solution, you have the time-consuming and expensive task of uploading all of your data to the cloud. This process can take weeks, clogging up your bandwidth, and taking your focus off managing your business as you monitor the progress of the backup. There is a better way: upload seeding. The IDrive Express service lets you securely transfer your data to a temporary drive which you then mail to us in a pre-paid envelope. Most backups are completed in less than than 7 days, so your time is focused where it needs to be — keeping your business running.


    3. Reduce downtime with hybrid backup

    reduce downtime with hybrid backup

    Cloud backup is the centerpiece of any disaster recovery plan, but it shouldn’t be the only piece. When you have a lot of data to recover after a crash, cloud backup can take hours, even days to restore — when downtime could cost you money with each passing minute. IDrive helps you leverage hybrid backup to protect data on-site in addition to your online backups. That way your data is available right when you need it, as well as stored safely off-site.

    4. Protect your data from ransomware with tough encryption


    While some viruses can cost you money on hardware replacement costs, others go straight for your wallet. Ransomware like CryptoLocker and Cryptoware encrypt your data then demand payment to unlock it. In 2013, McAfee reported finding 250,000 unique samples of Ransomware, double what it discovered in 2012, so it’s safe to say this threat isn’t going anywhere. Shielding your data, and your bank account, from ransomware requires a backup solution with robust tools to deal with nasty viruses. IDrive Rewind lets you roll back to a safe point, before infection, so you can recover your files without having to pay a hacker to get your data back.

    Online backup can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Sign up here to secure your data with IDrive now. In celebration of our back-to-back win of PCMag’s Editors’ Choice Award, we’re offering 25% off on the first year. 

  • Visit IDrive at RootsTech 2016!


    Keep it in the family with IDrive next week at RootsTech 2016, a leading genealogy event focused on ways of researching, documenting, and preserving family history. We’ll be showcasing our award-winning backup solution, which can help genealogists protect the family trees they work so hard to build.

    How does online backup keep your family history secure and accessible for years to come? The answer lies in keeping your files offsite in case something happens to your hard drive. If the computer you store your family trees, old photos, birth records, or family videos on crashes, gets stolen, or destroyed, you can simply restore your files from the IDrive cloud to your new computer.

    IDrive also keeps your files secure under lock and key with 256-bit AES encryption, as well as private key encryption, so no one can gain access to your personal data.

    Want to learn more? RootsTech 2016 takes place in Salt Lake City, February 3-6. There will be keynote speakers, classes, entertainment, and of course, us! Come visit our team at Booth #1522 to find out how IDrive can help you keep your data secure.

  • IDrive Introduces VMware Backup


    IDrive now supports virtual machine backup for VMware software. VMware enables you to run several different operating systems under one roof through virtualization, but protecting VMware environments with traditional backup can be costly, slow, and complicated. That’s why IDrive has developed a cost-effective and easy-to-use cloud backup solution to keep your VMs secure from disaster and easily accessible from the cloud.

    Disaster Recovery

    VMware runs on your computer or server multiple virtual machines, which act like real computers with their own operating systems. Each of these VMs can have its own programs and hardware, yet be managed all under one master operating system. But the very same feature that makes VMware great–several different operating systems running on a single master OS–leaves you vulnerable to massive data loss if disaster strikes. That’s why it’s essential to backup your VMware offsite with IDrive, enabling you to recover your virtual machines and maintain operations.

    VMware Backup boasts a host of features, including:

    • Backup unlimited virtual machines in VMware ESXi (5.5, 6.0), Vcenter
    • Incremental and scheduled backup
    • Zero downtime with hot backups of virtual machines
    • Enhanced security with 256-bit AES encryption on transfer and storage, or private key encryption, a user-defined key known only by the user
    • Use in conjunction with VMware vCenter

    Smarter Backup, Complete Recovery

    IDrive offers one of the most affordable VMware backup solutions by reducing storage and bandwidth usage with incremental backups. To accelerate your backup time, we allow you to backup only the latest changes to your VM files, so you don’t waste time and money on duplicate backups.

    You can also backup an unlimited number of VMs, ensuring that all of your VMware properties are not only secure from disaster, but highly accessible when you need them. If disaster strikes, you can restore VMs from anywhere, anytime to keep operations running smoothly.

    Military Grade Encryption

    All VMware files backed up to the IDrive cloud are secured with tough military grade 256-bit AES encryption. Data is encrypted upon transfer and storage to ensure total security.

    For an added layer of protection, IDrive offers Private Key Encryption. You choose the unique key code that unlocks your data, which is not stored on IDrive’s servers. That means only you hold the key to your VMware environments.

    Protecting your virtual environments can be a challenge, but with IDrive, it’s as easy as signing up.

  • They Like Us… They Really Like Us!


    IDrive online backup understands the importance of listening. That’s why everyday we keep in touch with our community of users in a variety of ways. It helps us continue enhancing our service, and lets us know when we’re doing things right. Here are some of the latest testimonials!

    Keeping the Customer Satisfied

    So what has made us the apple of our users’ eyes as of late? For one thing, our customer support, which is available via 24/7 live chat, email, and phone (Monday – Friday, 6 a.m. – 6 p.m PST). Heather McMahon shared a great experience she had with our support on Twitter.

    positive feedback blog 2

    Heather also pointed out that IDrive is one of the few services to offer mobile cloud backup. IDrive is compatible with any Android and iOS device, and of course, that includes Heather’s iPhone.

    Hybrid. Cool Word. Great Backup Solution.

    Another happy user, John Davies, thanked us for a couple features. He especially likes our hybrid backup, which integrates local and cloud backup in one solution. Local backup enables you to restore data much faster over a speedy connection, which we added as a complement to our cloud backup solution. That way users get the speed of local with the security of the cloud.

    Positive feedback blog john 2

    John also gave us kudos for our private key encryption, which lets you choose a unique key to unlocking your data. We don’t store this key code on our servers, so only you hold it, making it one of the most secure forms of data protection.

    Security That Saves

    Lastly, John seemed pretty happy about our affordable pricing, which enables you to backup any number of devices at no extra cost with plenty of storage space. Other services like, ahem, the one John throws a little shade on in his tweet, don’t offer the kind of affordability we’re happy to share with our users.

    Positive feedback blog john affordable

    Finally, The Ultimate Compliment!

    It’s not everyday we get a compliment from a fellow backup service, so we were glad to receive some praise from the team at Backup-My-Website, who like not just one, but all of our features.

    positive feedback blog 3

    Want to find out what’s so great about IDrive? Sign up today and secure all your data for less.

  • Introducing IDrive One


    Today at CES,  IDrive is announcing our most innovative storage device yet, IDrive One, a 1TB or 2TB external encrypted drive that offers lightning fast wireless access, extended Wi-Fi range, fast local encrypted backup, media streaming and each drive comes with a year free of IDrive cloud backup.

    More Data Faster

    In terms of speed and space, IDrive One is fitted with 802.11 AC, giving you speedier connectivity, while maintaining backwards compatibility with devices geared toward older wireless standards.

    AC is the speediest and strongest wireless standard today. It’s connectivity travels through more walls with faster speeds and works with both old and new technologies. With a range of up to 150 feet, you’ll never feel tethered to IDrive One as you might with a wired device.

    Extend Your Mobile Storage, Stream Media with the IDrive One App

    With IDrive One users are no longer limited by their mobile device storage. And with the modern household or business having multiple iPhones, iPads and Android devices, storage tends to fill up fast. But with the IDrive One app users can quickly transfer their photos, videos, and music right to IDrive One. This frees up storage so users can continue taking photos/videos without interruption.  

    The IDrive One app also enables users to stream music, pictures, and videos, to their mobile phones, tablets or computers, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

    This is particularly convenient for users with limited storage on their devices. If you can’t store more data on your device, you can stream all your media from IDrive One to your mobile phone or tablet, enabling users to extend their mobile storage. No more of those annoying out-of-storage messages when you are trying to take a picture or video.

    Encrypted local backup

    All data backed up to the IDrive One device is guarded with military grade encryption as data is protected with 256-AES encryption with an optional private key, that is only known to the user, so that no one else can access your data but you.

    IDrive One will be available Q1 of 2016 and comes in two models 1TB ($99.99) and 2TB ($149.99). Each includes a free year of IDrive Cloud Backup for an added level of protection. For 2TB buyers we’ve upped your cloud space to include 2TB of IDrive backup storage, which is perfect for our power users. Also 1TB IDrive One customers will get 1TB of cloud space, helping them backup all of their devices to the cloud.

    Want to see IDrive One up close? CES-goers can visit our booth at LVCC, South Hall 4 – 36080, January 6-9, 2016.