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  • Steve Job’s best creation – Coffee Table Gadget?

    This is one extra-ordinary person. He has been behind the PC Revolution before Microsoft stole the thunder. He is the man behind Pixar that revolutionized animated films. He is of course the man behind iPod and the iPhone. But will the iTablet/iSlate be his best creation?

    Some seem to suggest so.

    We think that the product is almost bordering on over-hype. But not too far off. This device could be the swiss-army-knife of gadgets. It might be able to do everything from a video conference to watching TV to play games to reading news papers. It could be the coffee table computer that has been missing for the last two decades.

    If the iTablet/iSlate as a platform takes off with its already built-in set of 100,000+ applications including games, there is no stopping this.

  • The beauty of Apple and Google – a Tablet and Google Voice


    It is fantastic time for the tech geeks. An Apple Tablet offering is likely to be announced next week, which according to many Pundits is likely to be a combination of a touch screen computer without a physical keyboard, an  iTunes media consumption device to play music, videos, TV and an e-reader for news papers and magazines with possibly a facial recognition function to automatically login to respective accounts.

    Google added a chrome extension for Google Voice (invitation only at this time) that does some voice functions right within the browser tool bar. You can now read transcripts of calls, SMS to someone or place a call right from within the browser through your choice of phone.

    These are absolutely great innovations. Even if you dislike some of their products or services, these two companies present the best of innovations in the tech world.

  • IDrive Lite now does Droid

    IDrive Lite, the multi-device contacts backup and restore application for the mobile platforms, now supports Android 2.0 and higher devices, in addition to iPhones and Blackberries.

    While there are possibly other contact backup applications, the key differentiating factor is its ability to do cross platform backups and restores. You can backup contacts from your Blackberry and restore it onto your iPhone, a handy feature if you are switching devices, and you can do this wireless.

    The Android IDrive Lite application is available via the Android Marketplace  and is  free.  A demo is available here.

  • Apple’s Revolutionary Move into Advertising


    While everyone is talking about the Tablet and E-Reader by Apple,  there is big news about a move by Apple that is nearly revolutionary, straight into the Google turf.  As reported by Techcrunch and others, Apple is buying Quattro Wireless, a mobile ad platform. A MOBILE AD PLATFORM! Apple is an integrated device+software+services company. Every product it sells has this baked in.

    This move means many things. This possibly means Apple wants a piece of the Ad pie, at least in the mobile space.

    This is a welcome move. There is little stopping Google power in the ad world, and with all its self proclaimed openness, it still keeps the split a secret in its hugely successful Adsense business that forms the second major leg of Google’s business after Search.  Apple, with its apparent closed culture is far more open with its 70-30% split rule for the Apps and Music/Entertainment business where it works with 1000’s of third parties.

    Apple might enforce a more open system in the ‘adsense’ world, at least for the mobile platform, and from there, hopefully the desktop world.

  • Tablets, E-Readers and more

    2010 is supposed to be the year of the Tablets and E-Readers. But what if one were to combine both? Is it even possible?

    Specialized E-Readers like the Amazon Kindle have a big inherent advantage – battery life. One can go on for a week without charging. A general purpose Tablet on the other hand, runs out of power in a few hours, killing its ability to be a true E-Reader.

    But what if one creates a Tablet that has dual-settings, one for E-Reading, and other for browsing and gaming in full color and graphics?

    Apple has a good track in creating the best of ‘both’  or ‘multiple’ worlds.  Hope Steve Jobs enthralls us again.

  • Fast Information Diet – Is it Good?

    report published Wednesday by the University of California, San Diego, calculates that American households collectively consumed 3.6 zettabytes of information in 2008.

    HMI Report/UC San Diego

    This averages to  34 GB /Day per person.

    This also means there is huge amount of this ‘Information’ served fast and easy, via TV and Computers for most part.

    While this obviously points to a great opportunity for online backup service providers with so much data explosion to deal with for backups and restores, is this a good thing from health point of view? Are we consuming too much of this fast information diet making us fat and unhealthy?

  • IDrive Online Backup is now in German

    In addition to Spanish and Japanese versions of the IDrive Online Backup website and associated applications, IDrive has now added German version.  More languages are in the pipe-line.


    Next in line is Klingon.

  • IDrive Lite adds Versioning Capability to Contact Backups

    IDrive Lite, the Contacts Backup Application for the iPhone and Blackberry devices has just been enhanced to keep versions of backups.  This brings the IDrive Lite App more along the lines of traditional backups where one can restore , not just from the most recent copy of backup, but from earlier copies of backup. The Backup versions are indicated by the time of backup.

  • New IDrive HackerNet Ad

    We had wide ranging reactions to this ad internally, ranging from the worst ever to the best ever, to cheesy and ‘over the top’.  We will let you decide. Enjoy.


  • The 4th major search engine should come from Facebook

    Google, in spite of the ‘weekly’ new product announcements or enhancements, still derives most of its revenue from its blue links at the right and at the top. People go to Google for its most relevant search results, even though Bing and Yahoo searches have improved considerably. Google derives its power from its ‘perceived’ and ‘real’ search accuracy.

    Who can compete with Google in coming years? Bing and Yahoo of course. But both do not have any momentum, in fact, Yahoo has a negative momentum, and Bing has possibly an advertisement induced and hype induced momentum to some extent. This puts Google in a comfortable position for years ahead.

    How about Facebook ? A recent report claims that one in 4-7 web pages viewed are now from Facebook. So Facebook is already many things to many people, similar to the iPhone in many ways applied to social networking, with its Applications and viral Networking. It has huge amount of data including real time status updates.

    What if Facebook develops a search engine that makes use of its huge real time data in status updates and other information, and adds the static (relatively speaking) content to it? It could produce even more relevant results than Google.

    Even Yahoo and Bing together can not produce anything inherently better than the individual pieces to compete with Google except for some advertisement synergy, as they do not have any strategic advantages. Advertisement advantage is an offshoot of search.  Without a search advantage, advertisement is nothing. Facebook has the real search advantages, and it should use it. It even has the people with similar talent as Google.

    This might turn the tide upside down in the search race and Google might have its first REAL competition in search.