Technology has tremendously changed the way we communicate over the past few decades. Be it through computers, internet or mobile devices, staying connected has become an integral part of our lives. We at RemotePC believe in moving with the changing and evolving face of technological advancements and are excited to launch our brand-new Web Viewer. Read on to know how Web-Viewer can help you and your business.

RemotePC Web Viewer enables users to access multiple computers using a web browser– regardless of wherever they are. For this, they just need an active internet connection and the RemotePC application installed on the computers they want to access.

Even if you are travelling, you can now easily access your remote computers from any external computer. And since no software has to be installed on the external machine, it is also convenient for computers where software installation is constrained.

RemotePC web viewer has the following features: 

  • RemotePC offers secure solution for accessing your faraway computers. Remote access is encrypted with TLS v 1.2 and a unique Personal Key provides additional layer of security while accessing each machine.
  • By using web viewer, you can access more than one remote computer at a time. Moreover, no software installation is required on your local computer to access your remote computers via web browser.
  • You can remotely update to the latest version of RemotePC application on your distant computer from any web browser.

This is not just all; you can also perform these functions that can make your remote access experience much better. 

  • Easily view and download your session logs, by logging in to your account from the web.
  • Ensure privacy during a remote session with the Blank Host Screen function. The screen of your remote computer blanks out, thus prohibiting anyone from viewing your activities during remote session.
  • If your remote computer has more than one monitor, you can access any of them from the web viewer.
  • The Lock function allows you to lock the remote computer instantly or after the session ends. This will prevent any unauthorized access to your remote computer during a remote session.

Furthermore, Remote access to one computer is completely free. There are different pricing plans that can be selected by users depending upon their needs.

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